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artificial (adjective)
1. Made by human skill; produced by humans; as, opposed to natural origins; such as, artificial flowers.
2. Imitation; simulated; sham: "Barbara used artificial vanilla flavoring when baking her cake."
3. Lacking naturalness or spontaneity; forced; contrived; feigned: "Sally greeted us with an artificial smile."
4. Full of affectation; affected; stilted; for example, artificial manners, artificial speech.
5. Made without regard to the particular needs of a situation, person, etc.; imposed arbitrarily; unnatural: "Jack thought the club presented artificial rules for membership."
6. Based on arbitrary, superficial characteristics rather than natural, organic relationships: "The botanists presented an artificial system of classification for the plants."
7. Manufactured to resemble a natural gem in jewelry, with chemical composition, and appearance.
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(Modern Latin: from Greek, technetos, "artificial"; the first man-made artificial element; radioactive metal)
(an artificial substitute for a missing part of the body)
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artificial eye (s) (noun), artificial eyes (pl)
1. A curved disk of opaque glass or plastic, containing an imitation iris and pupil in the center, inserted beneath the eyelids and supported by the orbitl contents after evisceration (removal of the contents of the eyeball) or enucleation (surgical removal of an eye); it may be ready-made (stock) or custom made.
2. A prosthesis for placement in the orbit of an individual whose eye has been removed.

Enucleation is only done under drastic circumstances such as to remove a malignant tumor in the eye or to relieve intolerable pain in a blind eye. Following enucleation, an artificial eye (ocular prosthesis) is implanted as a cosmetic substitute for the real eye.

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artificial hibernation (s) (noun), artificial hibernations (pl)
1. A deep stupor or unconsciousness and reduced organic activity resembling the natural state of motionless exhibited by certain animal species during winter: One use of artificial hibernation is the therapeutically produced medical condition that is caused by the use of drugs alone or drugs and hypothermia which greatly reduces the metabolic state (body activities) during surgical procedures; such as, open heart surgery.
2. The act of retiring into quiescence: The author emerged from his artificial hibernation to produce his first book after several years.
3. A condition of the retarded vital activity of an organism in warm-blooded animals, including humans, which is created in a simulated way, similar to the condition of an organism during the winter: Artificial hibernation can be created through nerve-blocking techniques which stop the neural and endocrine mechanisms of bodily thermoregulation or heat regulation.
artificial tetanus
Tetanus produced by a drug: such as, strychnine.
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artificial anatomy
The study of structures and their relationships by means of models or other manufactured articles.
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