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arterial catheter (s) (noun), arterial catheters (pl)
A tube inserted into an artery to measure pressure, remove blood, inject medication or a radiographic contrast media, and be used to perform an interventional radiological procedure: Jim's doctor told him that a long slender flexible tube or arterial catheter would be used for inserting into one of his arteries so the abnormal narrowing that he has can be expanded because his condition could reduce blood flow and even cause tissue damage.
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arterionephrosclerosis, arterial nephrosclerosis
Patchy atrophic scarring of the kidney as a result of the arteriosclerotic narrowing (hardening due to fibrosis or calcium deposition) of the lumens (cavities or channels) of large branches of the renal artery (abdominal aorta which supplies the kidneys).

It occurs in elderly people or in hypertensive people and occasionally causes hypertension.

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