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arrive (uh RIGHV) (verb), arrives; arrived; arriving
1. To reach a place after coming from another place.
2. To be delivered, or brought, to someone or something: Mildred was waiting for the mail to arrive.
3. To begin, or to happen, after a period of time or of waiting: The contractors were told that they would have to complete the construction work before winter arrives.
4. To reach a decision after thinking about or discussing a problem: Joe was asked how he was able to arrive at a decision to write so many pages.
5. To enter life by being born: The baby arrived on the day that the doctor had predicted.
6. Having reached a destination or place: Jane arrived at the hotel and went to her room after the taxi took her there from the airport.
7. Etymology: from Old French ariver, "to come to land"; from Latin arripare, "to touch the shore"; from ad ripam, "to the shore"; from ad, "to" + ripa, "shore", with an original meaning of "coming ashore after a long voyage".
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