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arrest (s) (noun), arrests (pl)
1. The act of legally taking and keeping someone in custody by the police: Witnesses and the photos taken by the in-store cameras have led to the arrest of four suspects.
2. In medicine, an occurrence in which a part of the body suddenly stops functioning: The patient went into a cardiac arrest.

"The local hospital reported an increase in respiratory arrests or instances in which several patients suddenly stopped breathing."

3. Etymology: from Latin ad-, "at, to" + restare, "to remain, to stop".
arrest (verb), arrests; arrested; arresting
1. To use the power and authority of the law to take and to keep someone in jail: "The police officer said, 'I'm arresting you in the name of the law.' "

"The police arrested the man for assaulting his wife."

2. To stop the movement of something: "The doctor told the patient that drugs can't arrest the progress of the disease, however, they can slow it down."
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false arrest (s) (nouns), false arrests (pl)
An unjustified holding of someone in custody by the police which is not legally justified: Sharon was suing the police for her false arrest because she didn't do anything wrong.