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arraign, arrange
arraign (uh RAYN) (verb)
1. To call into court for some legal action; to accuse, to charge: The district attorney wanted to arraign the suspect immediately.
2. To accuse; to call to account: The medical association met to arraign the doctor for his unethical behavior.
arrange (uh RAYNJ) (verb)
1. To put in order; to organize: Kermit, please arrange the books in alphabetical order.
2. To plan; to schedule: The travel agent tried to arrange the trip with a stopover in Rome.
3. To orchestrate; to adapt: Roderick, the musician, will arrange the symphony so it can be performed by a marching band.

The police officer knew that it was important to arrange all of the evidence for the case before asking the court to arraign the man on criminal charges.

arrange (uh RAYNJ)
1. To put in order; organize, sort, classify; plan, schedule, prepare: "The books were arranged in alphabetical order."
2. Plan, schedule, devised design: "The travel agent arranged the trip with a stopover in Rome."
3. Orchestrate, adapt, score: "The musician arranged the symphony so it could be performed by a marching band."
(Greek: kosmos to cosmos; "world, universe"; from its "perfect order and arrangement"; to order, to arrange, to adorn; well-ordered, regular, arranged; skilled in adornment, which came into English as cosmetic.)
(Latin: to build, to build up; to pile; to construct; to place together, to arrange)