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(Latin: both, on both sides; around, about; vague; obscure)
(Greek: around, about, both, on both sides of, both kinds)
(Latin: around, about, surrounding, closed curve, circling, circular on all sides; literally, "in a circle")
(Greek: around, round, circle, circular)
(Greek: around, enclosing, surrounding, about, near, close; often used as a prefix)
(Greek: ball, round, around; globe, global; body of globular form; by extension, circular zone, circular area)
(Latin: burere, "to burn up"; from urere, with an inserted or faulty separation of b in amburere, "to burn around"; which stands for amb-urere, "to burn around", but it was misdivided into am-burere and because of this misdivision, the new verb burere was formed with the past participle bustum; so, it really came from urere, "to burn, to singe")
(Part 1 of 4: fear and hatred of tobacco smoke or being around smokers and being exposed to smoking in general)
(Latin: surrounding, to encircle, to go around; to bind, to gird)
(If the origins of words are not known, then much of our language will not be as easily understood nor appreciated!)
(Latin: fringe or a border or edging, fringed; thin projections forming a fringe (especially around the ovarian end of the Fallopian tube); fiber)
(Latin: walk, step, take steps, move around; walking or stepping)
(Greek: winding; from a winding river; by extension, curving, walking around slowly, drifting, wandering, roaming, going around aimlessly)
(Latin: musum, "muzzle, snout"; Old French muser "to meditate, to ponder", perhaps literally "to go around with one's nose in the air" from muse "muzzle, snout")
(Greek, nomas, nomados, "pasturing, roaming about for pasture" > Latin , nomas, nomdis: wander, moving around for pasture or grazing for herds or flocks)
(diseases spread as mankind congregated into a squalor of cities)
(Greek: that which may be turned or spun around; magician's circle; equilateral parallelogram in which only the opposite angles are equal)
(Late Latin: feeler, to feel; a flexible appendage serving as an organ for moving around or for touching)
(Latin: wander, move around; unsettled, wandering [nerve])
(Latin: bend, curve, turn, turn around, twist, roll)
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circulated around
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meandering back and forth and all around *
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