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arm (s), arms (pl)
1. One of the two long parts or limbs attached to the shoulder of the human body with a hand at each end.
2. The part of a piece of clothing that covers the arm.
3. A side piece of a chair or sofa, designed to support the arms of anyone sitting in it.
4. The part of an animal's body that is similar to the human arm.
5. A flexible limb in an invertebrate animal; such as, an octopus.
6. A long thin part that is projecting from something larger; for example, an arm of the sea.
7. A branch of an organization, a section of the armed forces; for example, the military has a combat arm.
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arm, arms, arming, armed (verb forms)
1. To equip a person or a country with weapons: "They armed the troops with new weapons."
2. To prepare a weapon so that it is ready to use in a military action, as by releasing a safety device.
3. To provide someone with the information or equipment needed to accomplish something: "She was armed with all of the information she will need to complete the report."
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(Greek: melos, limb, body extremity or member; a condition of the limbs or extremities of a body; such as, arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, toes, etc.)
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tacit arms control agreement, tacit-arms-control agreement (s) (noun); tacit arms control agreements, tacit-arms-control agreements (pl)
An arms control course of action in which two or more nations participate without any formal agreement having been made.
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Wear short sleeves and then you can support your right to bare arms.
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