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are; are, ar; or, our
are (AR) (verb)
Second person singular and plural, and first and third person plural of the present indicative of "be": You are going and we are also going and Alton understands that they are going, too.
are, ar (AR) (noun)
A metric unit of area equal to 100 square meters (119.6 square yards): By careful measurement, Grant determined the size of his property to be 100 square meters (119.6 square yards) or one are.
or (OR) (conjunction)
A grammatical form suggesting an alternative: Blake was told to pay the price or simply leave.
our (OUR) (pronoun)
The possessive form of "we"; used as a modifier before a noun; relating to or belonging to us: We were reminded of our accomplishments in our hometown newspaper.

We kept our promise even though we were criticized for our actions.

Our parents had to decide whether they would purchase an ar and build their house or if they would purchase a pre-fabricated house. They are going to meet with a lawyer tomorrow with their decision.

(Latin: prefix; to, toward, a direction toward, addition to, near, at; and changes to: ac-, af-, ag-, al-, an-, ap-, aq-, ar-, as-, at- when ad- is combined with certain words that begin with the letters c, f, g, l, n, p, q, r, s, and t)
(Latin: a suffix; pertaining to, of the nature of, like; denoting an agent)
(Latin: of, relating to, or resembling; compound of the suffixes -ule, "little, small" and -ar, "pertaining to, of the nature of, like"; and so, -ular is a combining form meaning: referring to something "specified": appendicular, molecular, pedicular; as well as, a combining form meaning "resembling" something specified: circular, globular, tubular)