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aptonym (s) (noun), aptonyms (pl)
1. A proper name that aptly describes the occupation of the person, especially by coincidence.
2. The term aptonym is used for "people whose names and occupations, workplaces, or situations have a close correspondence", according to Frank Nuessel in The Study of Names.
3. Etymology: term used for "people whose names and occupations or situations have a close correspondence".

A compound word that consists of the adjective apt, from Latin via Middle English meaning, "suitable", or "appropriate" + Greek -nym, "name".

Examples of aptonyms or aptronyms

  • Peter Hammer, a hardware store clerk
  • Nita House, a real estate agent
  • Dr. Barret Hyman, an obstetrician and gynecologist
  • Dr. Joseph C. Babey, a pediatrician
  • Thomas Edison, a General Electric employee
  • Ken Lawless, a police chief
  • Fred Couch, an upholsterer
  • Cathy Book, a bookstore clerk
  • Bob Counts, an accountant
  • Leonard Divine, a rabbi
  • Dr. Knapp, an anesthesiologist
  • Lawrence E. Lawhead, an attorney
  • Dr. Carey Parrett, a veterinarian
  • Jerry Frisk, a security guard
  • Joe B. Musselman, a body builder
  • James Splatter, a painter
  • George Wheeler, independent trucker
  • Sue Yoo, a lawyer
  • Will Wynn, former mayor of Austin, Texas (2003-2009)