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1. Exactly suitable and appropriate: "He presented an apt reply to what happened."
2. Having a natural tendency or to be inclined: "Her mother is apt to be easily offended by such criticism."
3. Quick to learn or to understand: "He was an apt student of chemistry and math."
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apt, opt
apt (APT) (adjective)
1. Exactly suitable; appropriate: Velma made an apt reply to the query made by her friend.
2. Quick to learn or to understand: Erika was an apt student; especially, in mathematics.
opt (OPT) (verb)
To make a choice or decision: Sergio was given a chance to opt for retirement or to opt for a reduction in pay because of the company's financial difficulties.

Courtney's apt response to Patsy's insult was to opt for calmness instead of anger.

(Latin: fit, fitted, suited, suitable, appropriate; join, fasten)