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apprehend (verb), apprehends; apprehended; apprehending
1. To take into custody; to arrest: The police officer apprehended the robber just as he was leaving the scene of the crime.
2. To grasp mentally; to understand: Alice was a candidate who apprehends the significance of political issues.
3. To become conscious of, as through the emotions or senses; to perceive or to understand something: It was easy for TV viewers to apprehend the sorrow and sadness that was expressed by the parents of so many children who died when the boat they were in turned over and sank in the water.
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apprehend, comprehend
apprehend (ap" ri HEND) (verb)
1. To arrest, to take into custody: The police expect to apprehend the kidnappers before nightfall.
2. To understand, to perceive: The public doesn't fully apprehend the complexity of space flight.
comprehend (kom" pri HEND, komp" ri HEND) (verb)
To take in the meaning, nature, or importance of; to grasp: Jimmy couldn't comprehend the advanced textbook that was being used in his class.

Kirk found it difficult to comprehend that, when the police had to apprehend the motorists who were speeding, the drivers seemed unable to apprehend the danger they created by speeding on the highway.