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appreciate, depreciate
appreciate (uh PREE shee ayt") (verb)
1. Be grateful for, be thankful for, regard highly: Velma will certainly appreciate all that Dwight has done for her.
2. To realize the worth of, estimate justly: Dora, you don't have to be a connoisseur to appreciate good cooking.
3. To increase in value: Given the history of the company, Daisy's investment could appreciate over the months.
depreciate (di PREE shee ayt") (verb)
1. To reduce or to lower the value of: Runaway inflation can quickly depreciate the country's currency.
2. To belittle, to disparage: Enrique felt that he had to depreciate Naomi's efforts to help him.

The end of the fiscal year is a time to appreciate the value of the stocks which did appreciate significantly in the Stock Market.

There was a slight period during which the stocks seemed to depreciate but they rallied after a short time. .