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appear (verb), appears; appeared; appearing
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(Greek: manifest; show, appear, make appear, make visible, display; visible; to show through, to shine through; illustrious)
(Latin: to rise, arising, to be born, source, original; the rising sun, east; to ascend, to spring up, to become visible, to appear)
(Greek: to show, to appear, or to display; making evident; literally, "to come to light" or "to bring to light")
(a disease of the skin in which raised, rough, reddened areas appear, covered with fine silvery scales which cause aggravation)
(a quiz about topics that appear to have obvious answers but which might not be correct)
(Latin: same, like, alike; same time; to appear, to seem; together)
(Latin: to see, seeing; to look at, looking at; sight, to appear, appearing; to behold, to examine, examining)
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Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
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