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anthropologist (s) (noun), anthropologists (pl)
1. Someone who pursues the science of mankind: Efforts to establish the geographic origins of the different peoples have been supported with methods developed by biological scientists, particularly those concerned with the study of human heredity.
2. Anyone who is professionally involved in, or versed in, the study of the human species and their ancestors: Anthropologists have made considerable use of information provided by archaeologists in their attempt to understand the origins of modern customs, art, and social and political life.

Anthropologists seek to study and to interpret the special characteristics of any particular population or activity in terms of its time and place in the total history of mankind.

anthropologist (s) (noun), anthropologists (pl)
1. Someone who studies anthropology is an anthropologist.
2. One who is versed in anthropology.
3. One who studies or is versed in anthropology.
4. A social scientist who specializes in anthropology.
5. An expert in anthropology.
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academic anthropologist (s) (noun), academic anthropologists (pl)
Those who are involved in the teaching about members of humanity at colleges and universities: Academic anthropologists do research; however, their objectives are usually more for the contributions they can make to the general knowledge people.
forensic anthropologist (s) (noun), forensic anthropologists (pl)
Someone who gathers evidence regarding the deaths of people: A forensic anthropologist may team up with forensic pathologists, forensic dentists, and homicide detectives to identify dead people and the time and what caused their deaths.
physical anthropologist (s) (noun), physical anthropologists (pl)
Those who isolate various kinds of traits and make it possible to understand the compositions of human populations and to formulate hypotheses concerning their future: The information accumulated by physical anthropologists provide available facts about the groups inhabiting the world as well as the individuals composing those groups.

The growth studies, both of humans and other primates, engage the attention of many physical anthropologists in medical and dental schools as well as in independent clinics and universities.

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academic anthropologist (s), academic anthropologists (pl) (noun forms)
Academic anthropologists do research, but their objectives are more for making contributions to general knowledge.