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anthrobot (s) (noun), anthrobots (pl)
A "human robot" based on a design by Leonardo da Vinci which replicates the movements of muscles and joints like those of human beings.

When Leonardo constructed his anthrobot or robot in 1495, he could control it so it would walk, stand and sit, open and close it's mouth, and raise its arms. He could also control it so its head would move back and forth from side to side.

The term anthrobot ("human robot") was coined by Mark Rosheim, a specialist in robotics. Rosheim's interest and work in Leonardo's robot started when he read a book by Carlo Pedretti, an Italian scholar, who discovered Leonardo's lost notebook containing the robot named Codex Huygens in 1950. Rosheim then initiated his own in-depth research, which took about five years to complete.

—Based on information located at this
da Vinci Robotics page.