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antecedence, antecedents
antecedence (an" ti SEED ns) (noun)
The act or state of going before in time; precedence; priority in time, pre-existence: In any chronology, everything has antecedence (precedence) over something else.
antecedents (ant" uh SEED uhnts) (noun)
The history, events, characteristics, etc., of one's earlier life; ancestors, forefathers: Isaac's antecedents were all pioneers.

One of Shelly's antecedents on her father’s side of the family attempted to write a chronology of the family, making sure that the antecedence of events was in the correct order.

antecedent (s) (noun), antecedents (pl)
1. Something that happens or exists before something else.
2. A word or phrase that a subsequent word refers to; such as, "Joe" is the antecedent of "him" as in the sentence: "We will give this to Joe if we see him."
3. Someone's ancestors.
4. A personal history of someone; such as, the events or circumstances in a person's past: "She has done very well for herself, considering what is known about her antecedents."
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