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1. One who opposes and contends against another; an adversary.
2. The principal character in opposition to the protagonist of a narrative or drama.
3. Something opposing or resisting the action of another; certain structures, agents, diseases, or physiologic processes that tend to neutralize or impede the action or effect of others.
4. In biochemistry, a chemical substance that interferes with the physiological action of another; especially, by combining with and blocking its nerve receptor.
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antagonist, protagonist
antagonist (an TAG uh nist) (noun)
1. Someone, or something, opposing or in conflict with another person or thing; an opponent: Edwin's antagonist in the debate was smarter than he was.
2. One of the main characters in a book, play, or movie whose values or behaviors are in conflict with those of the primary character: The objective of the antagonist in the story was to destroy the protagonist in battle.
protagonist (proh TAG uh nist) (noun)
The most important, or "primary", character (good or evil) in a novel, play, story, or other literary work: The protagonist had to defend himself against the opposition of the antagonist.

"An "antagonist" is really someone who is opposed to another person; an "opponent".

At a recent production of story of the prince and the poor girl, the character of the stepsister who was the antagonist was exaggerated and made the audience laugh; however, the poor girl who was the protagonist in the story was portrayed as gentle and sweet.