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anoxia (s) (noun), anoxias (pl)
The absence or deficiency of oxygen from the body's gases, blood, or tissues: Ed was told that if his anoxia continues for more than four to six minutes, he could have irreversible brain damage.
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anoxia, anoxic
Absence or almost complete absence of oxygen from inspired gases, arterial blood, or tissues; to be differentiated from hypoxia.
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cerebral anoxia
Lack of oxygen to the brain, often causing sensory distortions and hallucinations. Sometimes used to explain features of the near-death experience.

A near-death experience (NDE) consists of experiences of people after they have been pronounced clinically dead, or who have been very close to death.

Typical features of the near-death experiences are an OBE (Out of Body Experience), a fully conscious experience in which the person's center of awareness appears to be outside the physical body, a life review, a tunnel experience, a light, coming to a boundary (marking death), seeing dead friends, and relatives, experiencing a loving or divine presence, and making a choice (or being told) to return.

Occasionally near-death experiences can be frightening and distressing, and often have profound effects on the person's later life.

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