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anomie (or) anomy (s) (noun), anomies (pl)
1. A condition in society in which acceptable standards of conduct and belief are weak or lacking; also, a similar condition in an individual commonly characterized by disorientation, anxiety, and isolation: The anomy of the public scene was disrupted by riots on the streets; thus, breaking down the usual standards of conduct.
2. A reference to a lack of social or ethical standards when the absence of self-control has permitted desires to grow beyond all hope of satisfaction: There is such a thing as suicide that can result from suffering anomy when a person is convinced that there is no hope of satisfying his or her goals or objectives.
3. Apathy, alienation, or personal distress resulting from the loss of previously valued goals: Emile Durkheim popularized the term anomie when he listed it as a principal reason for suicide.
—Emile Durkheim was a French social scientist and a founder of
sociology, who was known for his study of social values and alienation.
His important works include The Rules of Sociological Method (1895).