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annual (AN yoo uhl)
Yearly, occurring every year or once a year: "Most people have an annual birthday celebration."
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annual, annual, annul, perennial
annual (AN yoo uhl) (adjective)
1. Yearly, occurring every year or once a year: Most people have an annual birthday celebration.
2. A plant that lives for only one year or season: Pearl planted some annual flowers in front of her house.
annual (AN yoo uhl) (noun)
A publication; such as, a journal or magazine, that is published only once each year: Wilma just received the annual publication about new words that have been created this year.
annul (uh NUHL) (verb)
To cancel; to invalidate, to rescind: The contract was annulled because it was not legally signed by both parties.
perennial (puh REN ee uhl) (adjective)
1. Lasting through the year; that is, continuous: Perennial air pollution continues to cause problems in many major cities of the world.
2. Lasting indefinitely; perpetual, continual: Lydia is sitting there with that perennial grin on her face.
3. In botany, having a life span of more than two years; such as, a recurring plant: There are many perennial plants that produce flowers every year.

It is that annual time of year when Tara plants several new perennial flowers in her garden.

Greg chose this year’s annuals and perennials from the new seed and flower catalog which he received on an annual basis. Last year, he had to annul his old subscription for a different catalog.

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annual solar savings
The annual solar savings of a solar building is the energy savings attributable to a solar feature relative to the energy requirements of a non-solar building.