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animate (AN uh mayt") (verb), animates; animated; animating
1. To make someone or something lively; to give life to: Within a short time after watering the flowers, which were almost dying, the leaves stood up straight and the flowers brightened up or were animated as well.
2. To rouse or inspire a person to take action or to have strong feelings or actions: Jack drank too much wine which seemed to animate him into talking too much and laughing too loudly.
3. To bring someone or something into motions or the appearance of movements: Having strong coffee in the morning energizes or animates some people so that they can proceed with the tasks of the day.
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animated (AN uh may" tid) (adjective), more animated; most animated
1. Referring to being full of liveliness or activity, energy; vigor or spirit: The animated conversation at Sam's and Patricia's evening meal was due to the relatives, whom they hadn’t seen in ten years.
2. Pertaining to the sequence of still images that are moving; made or designed so as to seem to be alive and active: The animated characters in the electronic birthday card Max was watching was just the right thing for the 5-year-old boy.
3. Descriptive of being in a physically live condition, as opposed to being dead or inert: The hedgehog that Maurice saw wasn’t lifeless at all, but quite an animate creature that scampered away all of a sudden!

Examples of still images turned into moving illustrations
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This entry is located in the following unit: anima-, anim- (page 2)