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anesthesiologist (s) (noun), anesthesiologists (pl)
1. A physician or, less often, a dentist who specializes in the practice of medicine involving the use of drugs or other agents that cause insensibility to pain: Before Robert's root canal operation, Dr. Jones, the dentist and a trained anesthesiologist, administered a local medication so the patient would feel no pain.
2. A physician who specializes in the administration of pain killers in order to prevent or to cause an insensibility to pain during surgery, birth labor and delivery, or other medical procedures: An anesthesiologist has a medical doctorate whereas an anesthetist does not. An anesthetist is a nurse, or technician, trained to administer anesthetics.

Among some hospital workers, anesthesiologists are known as the "dream team".

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anesthesiologist (s), anesthesiologists (pl) (nouns)
Physicians who are concerned with the administration of anesthesia and then the condition of the patient who is under anesthesia: "An anesthesiologist uses a drug or a gas to cause the loss of bodily sensations with or without loss of consciousness."

"Anesthetics that are administered by anesthesiologists which can affect the whole body by making the patient unconscious are called general anesthetics and anesthetics that make a person have no feeling in only a specific part of the body are called local anesthetics."

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