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anecdote (s) (noun), anecdotes (pl)
1. A short account or presentation of some interesting event or happening: The politician's anecdotes during his campaign were amusing; however, they were hardly the contents that voters were hoping to hear if he were elected.
2. Etymology: from Greek anekdotos, "unpubished"; froman-, "not" + ekdotos, "published."
A short presentation of a humorous incident.
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anecdote, antidote
anecdote (AN ik doht") (noun)
An interesting incident or brief history; a short narrative; sometimes, a humorous account: Scott, have you noticed that many public speakers begin their talks with a humorous anecdote?

Jane told an anecdote about her early childhood.

antidote (AN ti doht") (noun)
1. A remedy to counteract poison; an antitoxin: Doctors rushed an antidote to the boy who was bitten by a snake.
2. Anything that works against an unwanted condition; a remedy or a cure: A hobby is considered a good antidote for boredom and for keeping our minds active.

Is there an antidote for strychnine poisoning?

Be sure to spell and pronounce anecdote properly. Don't confuse it with antidote; for example, James told an anecdote about his Canadian travels.

Does the doctor have an antidote for the food poisoning our friend got when he ate at the restaurant?