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(Modern Latin: from Sanskrit, solvere; or sulvere; and Latin, sulphur; nonmetal)
(Greek [phlegmatikos] and Latin [phlegmaticus]: heat, inflammation; burn, inflame)
(Greek > Latin: reed, pipe; the word for "reed" in Hebrew, Arabic, and Egyptian was kaneh; then the word element passed into Greek and Latin, and into the languages of western Europe)
(Modern Latin: chemical element; from Greek and Latin, alumen, a substance having an astringent taste; metal)
(Modern Latin: chemical element; from Greek and Latin, cadmia, earthy or earth; metal)
(English writers used Greek and Latin to express content)
(Anglo Saxon or Teutonic: in Old English times, eye was eage, which is related to a whole range of words for "eye" in other European languages; including, Greek ophthalmos and Latin oculus [with all of its subsequent derivatives])
(mythology for all seasons)