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(Greek > Latin: formless matter; especially from Greek, gulf, chasm, abyss, the rude unformed mass; and by extension, "confusion and disorder")
(Latin: son, and by extension, "daughter; offspring" or "family member")
(Latin: insect in its grub stage; from Latin larva, "mask" and by extension, "ghost", the idea being that an insect in its grub stage is merely a ghost of its future self and bears no resemblance to its future form)
(Latin: literally tongue; and by extension, speech, language)
(Latin: fat, adipose tissue; and by extension, caul, intestines)
(Latin: sole of the foot; to tread down with the sole or the flat bottom or the underside of the foot; and by extension, to level the ground for sowing seeds)
(Greek: foreign, foreigner; alien; different; extraneous; strange, stranger; and by extension, guest)