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anathema (s) (noun), anathemas (pl)
1. Someone or something that is greatly disliked or detested and is therefore shunned or avoided: The thought of physically punishing their children was absolutely an anathema and repulsive for the parents to even consider.
2. A curse from a religious authority that condemns something or excommunicates someone: Patrick must have done something very sinful and horrible because his church decided that the only way to deal with him was the pronouncement of an anathema that would expel and remove him as a member of the congregation.
3. Etymology: from Latin anathema, "an excommunicated person, the curse of excommunication"; from Greek anathema, "a thing accursed"; originally, "a thing devoted". Literally, "a thing set up (to the gods)" from ana-, "up" + tithenai, "to place".
Anyone of intense dislike.
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Anathema sit.
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