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1. Pertaining to a gradual evolution from one type of organism to another.
2. A reference to a kind of distorting optical system; such as, "an anamorphic lense".
3. Motion picture terminology: Cinemascope; an optical system which has different magnifications in the vertical and horizontal dimensions of the picture.
Word Entries containing the term: “anamorphic
anamorphic lens
A lens that produces different magnifications along lines in different directions in the image plane.
anamorphic system
An optical system incorporating a cylindrical surface in which the image is distorted so the angle of coverage in a direction perpendicular to the cylinder is different for the image than for the object.
anamorphic zone
The zone of rock flow, as indicated by reactions that may involve decarbonation, dehydration, and deoxidation.

Silicates are built up, and the formation of denser minerals and of compact crystalline structure takes place.