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analyze (verb), analyzes; analyzed; analyzing
1. To examine methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations.
2. To examine minutely or critically; such as, a written text or verbal statements.
annalize; analyze
annalize (AN nuh lighz) (verb)
1. To write in logs or journals in order to document information: Alvin's main job was to annalize, or to record, events as they were arranged chronologically by the year.
2. To record history in general, as it is recorded in books and other documents: Marlene was known to annalize the historical past of her city.
analyze (AN uh lighz") (verb)
1. To examine something in great detail in order to understand it better or to discover more about it; to separate and examine the parts of something: The doctor wanted to analyze the blood sample for anemia.
2. To study the structure of something or how its constituent parts are put together: Byron, the mathematician, will analyze his figures again.

When Mario was studying at school, he had to analyze the writings of a famous historian who was known to annalize the myths and legends of her region of the country.