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analgesic (s) (noun), analgesics (pl)
1. Compounds capable of relieving pain without the loss of consciousness or without producing anesthesia: Dr. Lawson injected Randal with a powerful analgesic so she could drill the decayed tooth without causing him any pain.
2. Those drugs that primarily relieve pain without blocking nerve-impulse conduction or markedly altering sensory functions: The new analgesic which Dr. Jones used was exceptional in terms of relieving or reducing Desiree's severe pain.
analgesic, analgetic
1. Relieving pain; an agent that alleviates pain without causing loss of consciousness.
2. A compound capable of producing analgesia, i.e., one that relieves pain by altering perception of pain stimuli without producing anesthesia or loss of consciousness; also, analgetic.
3. Characterized by reduced response to painful stimuli; also, antalgic.