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anachronism (s) (noun), anachronisms (pl)
1. An error in computing time, or fixing dates; the erroneous reference of an event, circumstance, or custom to a wrong date: When Jane’s grandmother wanted to use her cell phone at the party, she used the term “to dial”, which was a funny anachronism and everybody laughed at her.
2. Anything done or existing out of date; hence, anything that was proper to a former age but is, or if it existed, would be out of harmony with the present: In the novel, which took place in the 16th century, the main character used the term “taboo”, which entered the language much later, an anachronism that the author evidently forgot to delete!
3. A situation which depicts a person who or something which is not placed in the correct historical or chronological period; especially, a thing or individual that belongs to an earlier age of existence: A portrait of Abraham Lincoln sitting in front of a computer would be an example of an anachronism.
An error in the order of time.
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obsolete, obsolescent, anachronism, archaic, archaism
obsolete (ahb" suh LEET, AHB suh leet") (adjective)
Unfashionable, no longer current or effective: The use of a horse-drawn carriage for everyday travel is obsolete.
obsolescent (ahb" suh LES uhnt) (adjective)
Regarding something which is no longer useful or fashionable: Gas lights in houses are now obsolescent and dangerous.
anachronism (uh NAK ruh niz'uhm) (noun)
1. Something or someone that is chronologically out of place with the rest of a context: Knights in armor are an anachronism in today's sporting events.
2. The representation of someone or something as existing or happening in a completely different period of time than it should: The novel has one anachronism after the other.
archaic (ahr KAY ik) (adjective)
Characterizing something which belongs to a former or earlier time: There are some archaic expressions used in the book that are charming.
archaism (AHR kee iz" uhm, AHR kay iz" uhm) (noun)
A thing that is old-fashioned or is no longer used: Wearing a bloomer as an article of clothing is an archaism which belongs in history books.

It is an obsolete notion to wear a bustle which has become obsolescent for daily wear. It is somewhat of an anachronism, like wearing lace mitts to the opera because lace mitts are archaic, something my great grandmother wore; however, now they are just considered an archaism best left for the manikin in the museum.

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