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amputation (s) (noun), amputations (pl)
1. The surgical removal of all or sections of an arm, a leg, an organ, or another part of the body: While cutting the hedge with an electric trimmer, Margarete had a terrible accident and an amputation of her hand had to be performed by a surgeon.
2. Traumatic or spontaneous loss of a limb, organ, or part: The most common indication for an amputation of an upper jointed appendage is severe trauma and it may be the result of a cancerous growth, infection, or gangrene.
The doctors amputated the patient's arm.
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cineplastics, cineplastic amputation
A method of amputation of an extremity (arm, leg, hand, foot, etc.) whereby the muscles and tendons are so arranged in the stump that they are able to execute independent movements and to communicate motion to a specially constructed prosthetic apparatus.
clitorectomy, clitoridectomy, clitoral amputation
A surgical procedure in which all or part of the clitoris and sometimes also the labia are removed.

Clitorectomy is a form of female circumcision (female genital mutilation).

Partial or complete removal of the clitoris, prepuce, or labia of a girl or young woman, as practised among certain cultures, especially in parts of Africa and western Asia.

The excision of the clitoris, usually performed as part of female initiation rites, mainly among certain African peoples, but also sometimes used in various societies to curb sexual desire; female circumcision.

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traumatic amputation (s) (noun), traumatic amputations (pl)
An amputation resulting from direct trauma.