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amplitude (AM pli tood", AM pli tyood") (s) (noun), amplitudes (pl)
1. Largeness in size, volume, or extent: The scientist told his students that the amplitude of the universe is incomprehensible.

The amplitude of the food at the buffet delighted the hungry guests.

An amplitude is also a measurement that indicates the movement or vibration of something; such as, a sound wave or a radio wave.

2. Etymology: from Latin amplitudo, from amplus, "ample, large quantity" + -tude, "quality, condition of".
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amplitude modulation, AM (s) (noun), amplitude modulations (pl)
The deliberate processing of a carrier signal which is used in ordinary radio and TV broadcasting: The amplitude modulation varies in accordance with the level of the modulating signal while transmitting the video portion of a television signal.

Variation of the amplitude modulation of a carrier wave, commonly a radio wave, presents fluctuations in the audio or video signals that are being transmitted.

A higher amplitude modulation wave is interpreted as a "1" and a normal wave is interpreted as a zero.

The method of changing an amplitude modulation is known as "amplitude shift keying", or ASK.

anchor-amplitude (s) (noun), anchor-amplitudes (pl)
The maximum absolute value of a periodic curve measured along its vertical axis (the height of a wave, in layman's terms).
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