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amplify (verb), amplifies; amplified; amplifying
1. To make larger or more powerful; to increase: "The administrator must amplify his efforts to get his staff to produce better results."

"The microphone amplified the singer's voice."

"The psychologist maintains that technology exists to complement and to amplify the human mind."

"The amplified music was so loud that Jim couldn't hear what Trudy was saying."

2. To add to, as with illustrations; to make complete: "The speaker was asked to amplify his remarks by giving the audience some examples."
3. To exaggerate: "The radio talk-show host always amplifies the evils of his political opposition and minimizes any negative aspects of his preferred political group."
4. To increase electrical signals: "The technician was working to amplify the transmission, storage, and manipulation of information for the company's computers."
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electromagnetic amplifying lens (s) (noun), electromagnetic amplifying lenses (pl)
A system composed of several waveguides that are symmetrically arranged with a related excitation medium in order to become excited with equal amplitudes and phases to in order to provide a net gain in energy.
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