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amplification (s) (noun), amplifications (pl)
1. The act or process of making something louder: "Lina liked to play her music without much amplification."
2. The production of an output of greater magnitude than the input: "An amplification can be the act or process of making something larger, greater, or stronger."

"The excessive amplification of the concert ruined the concert for most of the audience."

3. In electronics, an increase in the magnitude of a signal: "Tamika was having trouble trying to produce more amplification with her portable radio because of the old batteries.
4. A detail, explanation, or illustration added to a spoken or written account to make it fuller or to clarify it: "The coach explained that the new rules for basketball will need more amplifications; so, he started the meeting with an amplification of those issues."

"The editorial in the newspaper criticized the continual amplification of federal control over those of the states."

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gene amplification (s) (noun), gene amplifications (pl)
A selective replication of a specific gene or genes disproportionate to their representation in the parent molecule; such as, that which occurs in specific cells in response to signals of cell development or to stresses from the environment: "In humans, gene amplification is seen more often in malignant cells."
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voltage amplification (s) (noun), voltage amplifications (pl)
The increasing of an input-signal voltage to produce a higher output-signal voltage: "The ratio of the magnitude of the voltage amplification across a specified load impedance to the magnitude of the input voltage of the amplifier or other transducer feeding that load is often expressed in decibels by multiplying the common logarithm of the ratio by 20."
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