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amoral (adjective), more amoral, most amoral
1. Neither moral nor immoral: Ervin is considered an amoral man who is pursuing his own personal goals.
2. Not concerned with honest or good behavior: As the CEO of the company, Diana was accused of working in a cynical and amoral way of competing for more sales and greater profits.
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amoral, immoral, unmoral
amoral (ay MOHR uhl) (adjective)
1. Not showing concern for what is right or wrong in human behavior: Ralph is an amoral, selfish man who is only interested in pursuing his own personal goals regardless of how others might be harmed.
2. Not caring about right and wrong: The governor has a cynical and amoral way of striving to increase his personal political objectives.
immoral (i MOR uhl) (adjective)
Contrary to established social principles; corrupt, evil, wrong: Selling illegal drugs to anyone is immoral.
unmoral (uhn MOR uhl) (adjective)
Having no perception of what is right or wrong or unable to distinguish right from wrong: An infant or someone who is mentally incapable of knowing what is right or wrong is considered to be unmoral; that is, neither "moral" nor "immoral".

The owner of the business felt that he was justified in firing the drug dealer because drug dealingĀ is an immoral activity.

Dale was amoral in his attitude according to the head of the company; especially, since he was unmoral as revealed by his on-the-job behavior.