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among, between
among (uh MUHNG) (preposition)
1. Relationships involving more than two: The teachers apparently agreed among themselves that the curricula needed revisions.
2. In the midst of; surrounded by: Jill and Jim were going for a long walk among the trees.
3. In the company of; in association with: Ana was traveling among a group of tourists.
between (bi TWEEN) (noun)
1. Applied to relationships involving only two: The apple pie was shared between the sisters Myrtle and Lena.
2. Also applicable to two or more when the items are distinctly separate: The car was driven between several houses before it came to a stop.
3. Intermediate to, as in quantity, amount, or degree: Angie found that the books cost between fifteen and twenty dollars.
4. Often used to express a reciprocal relationship: Shawn will have to choose between riding and walking.

Megan and Esther were among a large group of visitors who walked between the monuments at the ancient church.

Units related to: “among
(Greek: above, over, on, upon; besides; in addition to; toward; among)
(Latin: between; among, mutually, together; on the inside, internal)
(Latin: to inhabit; to live in, to live on, to live among; to dwell; living among, dwelling in; occurring on, occurring in)
(Latin: bark, rind; literally, that which is "stripped off"; used in its extended senses, chief among these being "pertaining to the outer layer of a bodily organ, especially the brain")
(having feelings of pleasure or happiness are among the highest achievements of life)
(coined and presented by Royston M. Roberts, PhD, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Texas, Austin; among many other achievements)
(Latin: to assign, to allot, to bestow, to give, to grant; from tribe, to give out among the tribes was tribuere which is the source of many of the words located in this unit)