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amity (s) (noun), amities (pl)
A state of friendliness, cordiality, and peace among individuals, nations, etc.: After years of feuding, the sons of the two families negotiated an amity; and, as a result, both of their families were much happier.
Peaceful and friendly relations with mutual good will.
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amity, enmity
amity (AM i tee) (noun)
A feeling of friendship: Friendly relations between nations or groups could give mankind an era of international amity.
enmity (EN mi tee) (noun)
A very deep unfriendly feeling: There is a long history of enmity between Howard and his fellow workers because of his comments against the labor union.

"It's a mistake to ignore the lethal enmity between Bin Laden and Hamas."

—This quote is from "The subtext of Bin Laden's message";
The Boston Globe editorial; as seen in the International Herald Tribune;
January 23, 2009; page 6.

Erica agrees that a universal amity is to be desired; however, she is afraid that there is a sense of distrust and enmity among too many governments.

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Peaceful and friendly relations; mutual goodwill with another person, people, nation, nations, etc. (1)