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amiable (adjective), more amiable, most amiable
1. Characteristic of being friendly and agreeable in feeling and disposition; showing good will; good-natured and likable: Although James and Susan had different opinions regarding housekeeping, they had very amiable cooperation when it came to cooking because they loved doing it together.
2. Conveying cordiality and congeniality with each other: There was an amiable gathering of guests to celebrate Bob's 10th birthday.
Cordial and friendly opponents in the boxing match.
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Lovable and friendly old woman.
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amiable, amicable
amiable (AY mee uh buhl) (adjective)
Friendly and agreeable in disposition; good-natured and likable: Amiable neighbors help make a house a home.

Gail's brother, Luis, has an amiable personality.

amicable (AM i kuh buhl) (adjective)
Characterized by or exhibiting friendliness or goodwill; peaceable, agreeable: If wars are to end, nations must learn amicable means of settling their disputes.

Amiable is more often used to describe people and amicable to describe actions, gestures, etc.

Examples include: The next-door neighbors are amiable people.

The union and the company reached an amicable settlement in their contract dispute.

Because Juanita approached her new, amiable neighbors with an open mind and a plate of muffins, they were able to reach an amicable solution to building a new fence.