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ameliorate (verb), ameliorates; ameliorated; ameliorating
1. To make or to become better, to be more satisfactory; to improve: Although Becky had a new computer, which was supposed to ameliorate her work and save her time, she became quite confused and impatient trying to make it do what she wanted it to do!
2. To raise to a more desirable or more excellent quality or condition: Jack, who is only eighteen, is getting bald faster than normal for his young age and so he wants to have a lotion which will ameliorate this condition and at least maintain the quantity of hair that is still on his head!
3. Etymology: an alteration of meliorate, from French améliorer.

Ameliorate is derived from the Latin melior, "better" and it specifically refers to making something better and improving whatever really needs improving.

To grow or to make better.
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To improve or to make more endurable.
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