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amathophobia (s) (noun), amathophobias (pl)
An excessive horror of contaminations and germs: Those who are amathophobias include dust as part of their anxieties.

Some amathophobias keep the windows in their residences closed at all times and install elaborate air-filtering equipment.

There are also amathophobias who are constantly wiping surfaces and cleaning their living quarters so often that they may be considered to have an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

An excessive dread of dust.
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Because personal hygiene is a means of controlling infectious diseases, the absence of dirt is not merely an esthetic adornment. Cleanliness is no doubt an acquired taste.

—Compiled from "Cleanliness has only recently become a virtue"
by Jay Stuller; Smithsonian; February, 1991; pages 126-135.