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amalgamation (s) (noun), amalgamations (pl)
1. An activity, process, or result of combining or uniting something: There has been an amalgamation of the two competing companies into one organization.
2. The mixing of mercury with another metal, or metals, to form an alloy: The jewelry manufacturer used an amalgamation of silver and stronger metals to create a design that was both durable and beautiful.
3. The process for the separation of metal from a base ore using such a chemical as mercury: The mine engineer explained that the amalgamation of gold was a complicated chemical process.
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amalgamation pan (s) (noun), amalgamation pans (pl)
An iron container in which precious metal ores can be ground with water and further treated with mercury and chemicals until extractions of the metals are completed; used especially, formerly, to separate gold from its ore: Before all the fancy terminology and processes, the early gold miners used a shallow pan, the precursor to the amalgamation pan, and utilized water to separate gold from the rocks and gravel.
amalgamation table, amalgamation plate (s) (noun); amalgamation tables, amalgamation plates (pl)
A flat metal surface on which mercury is spread so it will bind with gold particles as gold-bearing ore is washed over it: The miners were required to wear face masks when working near the amalgamation table because of the chemical process that was being used.