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amalgamate (verb), amalgamates; amalgamated; amalgamating
1. To combine two or more organizations or things into one unified whole, or to take the form of one unified whole: The two airlines amalgamated into one company.
2. To blend with another metal; to alloy a metal with mercury, or to be alloyed with mercury: Silver must be amalgamated with a harder material in order to make durable jewelry.
3. Etymology: from 1660, in Boyle's New Experiments, verb use of earlier (1642-1647) participle amalgamate, perhaps it was borrowed from Medieval Latin amalgamatus, past participle of amalgamare, "to mix, to blend".

Originally, amalgamate was a mixing of an alloy or metal with mercury; however, now it usually means "to combine a number of elements into a whole"; such as, when two company boards vote to amalgamate their firms into one organization.

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