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altimeter (s) (noun), altimeters (pl)
An instrument used to determine elevation or height: "Altimeters are used in aircraft in order to know what the atmospheric pressure changes are when flying up into the sky."
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electronic altimeter, radio altimeter
An instrument that determines the altitude of an object with respect to a fixed level.

The most common type is an aneroid barometer calibrated to show the drop in atmospheric pressure in terms of linear elevation as an airplane, balloon, or mountain climber rises.

It shows height above sea level, but not above such land features as hills, mountains, and valleys.

The radio altimeter, or terrain-clearance indicator, is an absolute altimeter which indicates the actual altitude over water or over terrain, regardless of how uneven it is.

It functions by first sending either continuous or pulse radio signals from a transmitter in an aircraft to the earth's surface.

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gamma-ray altimeter
An altimeter, used at altitudes under several hundred feet, that measures the photon back-scatter from the earth resulting from the transmission of photons to earth from a cobalt-60 gamma source.
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