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allusive (adjective), more allusive, most allusive
1. Referring to playing with words, punning: Kris made the most allusive references while seeming to compliment the host.
2. Symbolical, metaphorical, figurative: Andre's most allusive comments are when he compares higher education to spans on a bridge that lead to greater achievements.
3. Having many indirect references: Sherlock, the detective, made allusive inquiries during his search for the true culprit of the crime.
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allusive, elusive, delusive, illusive,
allusive (uh LOO siv) (adjective)
Suggestive, indirect reference to something: Claude was always allusive regarding anything about his personal life and he never provided any specific information.
elusive (i LOO siv) (adjective)
1. Tending to slip away; hard to grasp or to perceive: Lynn had an elusive perfume fragrance which her friends could not identify.
2. Difficult to find or to capture: The truth is proving to be elusive.
delusive (di LOO siv) (adjective)
Tending to mislead, to deceive: Erica is being delusive when she tells members of the project that they can finish this job on time.
illusive (i LOO siv) (adjective)
Deceptive, unreal, misleading: Neil has illusive hopes of finding a better job.

While Mathew was lost in the desert, he saw an illusive oasis known as a mirage.

Ed made an allusive comment about the illusive nature of his new novel which was intended to be delusive, creating an elusive sense of reality and confusing the readers.